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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Anyone else looking forward to the expansion?

What we can expect :

New Skills & Lvl. Raising - each class will get a unique attack skill upon reaching the "transcender" skill rank. Bladers and Force Archers will get some additional skills, which are unkown to me at the momment. The only bit of information i gathered on them is that they will most likely be party buffs.......This leaves Force Blader to be the only class without a party buff, but oh well, we have our own strenghts :) Yes, i play a Force Blader.
New Map (Forte Inferno) - The looks of the new map are awesome, reminds me of the environment in the hit game series "Devil May Cry". We're finally getting new/stronger bosses, which won't drop Force Cores i hope. All in all the map will be a great help in reaching the new level cap -> 180.
Chaos Arena + New skins of Entry Key - Don't know much about this subject, only good thing is that we are getting Chaos Arena 6. I say "finally" and you ask why? Well because Chaos Arena 5 has been there for more than 1,5 years already and its starting to get really really boring.
New Upgrading System - The equipment will now glow when it reaches a certain upgrade level (smells like stealing from other games, but oh well, every game does that). Upgrade cap is raised to +15 and the system of upgrading will get changed also, altho i'm not quite sure how, more to come later.

I didn't include any picture, but not because i'm lazy, but because i've got a video for you. Be sure to check it out and leave comments on what u think about the expansion :)


  1. Ugh, anyone know how to resize the video? Because it looks really ugly as it is now.